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Our crew and craft are fully insured, licensed and Transport Canada certified. We are available for a wide variety of tasks including sight-seeing tours, hovercraft orientation flights as well as full-day and multi-day charters. We can provide specialized cargo and commercial services as well as supporting marine-based research, photography, Search & Rescue and survey work as well as provide on-site First Aid and Fire Suppression services.  The craft is based in Ladysmith, BC but can be quickly relocated to any site that has road or water access. Our hovercraft operates on inshore waters, rivers, marshes and tidal flats as well as on ice, flooded land and any sensitive surface that requires no wake and a minimal footprint. We can bring our craft to support your local marine events, public safety or commercial operations.

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Vancouver Island Hovercraft tours southern Gulf Islands July 2015:  Our tours area includes the beautiful Southern Gulf Islands. We recommend the Mayne Island Resort (a great place, nice view, good food) and offer charter trips in the area including a visit to Cabbage Island Marine Park (http://www.gulfislandsnationalpark.com/national-park/cabbage-island.htm) which has fantastic landing beach for the hovercraft and awesome scenery. The hovercraft is an excellent craft for the area as it glides over the tide rips and current eddies in the narrow passes. Along the way we also recommend stops at Port Browning on North Pender Island and a visit to the Japanese Gardens in Dinner Bay on Mayne Island. Check-out some of our pictures from Mayne Island in our flickr photo album or on our facebook page.

Hover-tours at the LMS Heritage Boat Festival and Children's Pirate Day. 

Vancouver Island Hovercraft was proud to be part of the Heritage Boat and Pirates Day events at the Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina May 30th and June 6th, 2015. The 20 minute hover-tours ran all day and passengers of all ages enjoyed the beautiful weather, the awesome scenery and a unique ride in our Sevtec Vanguard VM-14 hovercraft. A portion of the proceeds from these rides go to support local marine service groups. It was 2 great days and we look forward to supporting our local marine groups in the future. 

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Home Port and Local Waters

Our homeport is the picturesque seaside town of Ladysmith, BC. Our tours explore the beautiful waters and breath-taking landscapes of the Gulf Islands.

Our Vessel

Our vessel is a Sevtek Vanguard VM14  Hovercraft built by Amphibious Marine in Shelton Washington. The VM14 is a safe, reliable and comfortable vessel capable of operating in a wide variety of conditions.




A Hover-tour passenger comments on her tour experience:

"The agility and speed of the hovercraft were impressive, along with the fact that we could go where no other water craft would dare venture... a mere push of a button and we were up and running/flying/sailing again – hard to know how to describe it, but it was amazing". - Shirley

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